Ice Breaker Hopper Spreader

For ice control on driveways, parking lots and roadways, WESTERN® ICE BREAKER™ Hopper Spreaders have been the trusted choice for professional contractors with trouble-free performance, season after season. As sure as winter will roll in, you’ll be ready to roll. This salt and sand hopper spreader is the STEEL hopper spreader of choice for Contractors. Power options include gas engines or hydraulic drive.

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ICE BREAKER™ Hopper Spreader
Body Side
Capacity Dimensions
(Overall L x W x H)
Motor Spinner Size Conveyor Width Spreading Width Materials Vehicle
8' 12 gauge steel 2.0 cu yd (struck
2.5 cu yd (rounded)
115" x 50 3/4" x 32" 750 lb 10.5 HP I/C Briggs & Stratton or 11 HP I/C Honda 14 1/2" 16" 2' - 40' Sand & Salt 3/4 & 1 Ton Pickup Trucks
(over 8500 lb GVWR)


ICE BREAKER™ Hopper Spreader


Available in 8’ and 10’ body lengths, these rugged v-box type hopper spreaders mount easily on pick-up, dump or platform trucks.  Available in stainless steel or powder-coated steel.

  • Baked-on powder coat provides durable corrosion resistance
  • Eight-wheel shot blaster pre-treatment removes mill scale and abrades surfaces for optimum adhesion
  • Multi-stage pre-wash provides superior surface preparation
  • Robotic guns deliver precise, consistent powder coat coverage
  • Final baking process provides a long-lasting hard-as-nails WESTERN red, that’s become synonymous with quality


Options for the ICE BREAKER™ Spreader:

  • Choice of unique vehicle battery kit, which eliminates the need for a dedicated battery and conventional battery tray
  • Inverted-vee kit to help reduce bridging of material, and reduce start-up load on the drive train. Standard on High Capacity spreader models, optional on other models
  • Standard or extended chute
  • Top screens (standard and heavy-duty) to help break up material during loading, for better flow, minimizing the possibility of material jamming as it exits the hopper
  • Spinner hydraulic drive kit

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