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KMS16 Mechanics Service Trucks

Knapheide's KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck has many of the same features mechanics have come to expect yet in a compact and economical package. Equipped with an electric crane, bottle gas retainers, mechanics drawers, work lights and more, the KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck enables the user to safely and efficiently lift heavy items and securely store tools and equipment. Numerous body configurations, options and accessories are available to customize the KMS16 to fit your job. The KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck is compatible with dual rear wheel class three chassis and above. If you need a reliable service truck in a compact package, choose Knapheide's KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck.

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KMS30 Mechanics Service Trucks

The KMS30 Mechanics Service Truck is one of Knapheide's most versatile service trucks. With the option of either an electric crane with manual outriggers for cost efficiency or hydraulic crane with fully hydraulic outriggers for maximum productivity, the KMS30 Mechanics Service Truck can be spec'd based upon your jobsite requirements. With a lifting capacity up to 5,000 lbs. the KMS30can safely and efficiently handle the heavy lifting. This Knapheide Mechanics Service Truck has an abundance of secure storage space, regardless if you select a 9' body or 11' body. The versatile size of the KMS30 makes it ideal for many different field service applications including construction, rental, agriculture, municipality and more.

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KMT1 Mechanics Trucks

Knapheide combines its rugged Crane Bodies with leading cranes and compressors to form the industry's best Mechanics Truck turnkey solution. We don't cut corners with our Mechanics Trucks. They come loaded with standard features to maximize the value. Versatile enough to handle virtually any application, the KMT1 enables technicians and mechanics in agriculture, construction, municipality and more to organize, securely store and transport their tools and equipment. Designed to handle crane load capacities of up to 7,500 lbs., the KMT1 is built to last longer and perform stronger than the competition. Rely on Knapheide's KMT1 Mechanics Trucks to maximize your efficiency and safety with mobile service operations.

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KMT2 Mechanics Trucks

The KMT2 Mechanics Truck from Knapheide has proven its reliability and durability in field service and repair operations year after year. Placed in some of the most demanding environments, Knapheide's KMT2 Mechanics Trucks are able to service a wide variety of equipment in many different vocations, from mines to construction sites to agricultural fields and more. A unique torq-isolator crane support system transfers lift forces into the torsion box understructure and not the body, reducing the risk of damaging the body during lifting operations. If you need the industry's best-in-class Mechanics Truck compatible with Class seven chassis, choose Knapheide's KMT2 Mechanics Truck.

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KMT3 Mechanics Trucks

Knapheide's KMT3 is engineered to withstand the harshest lifting applications and built for longevity. The KMT3 Mechanics Truck boasts a maximum lift capacity of 14,000 lbs. and is commonly utilized to service some of the largest and heaviest mining and construction equipment in the world. The KMT3 Mechanics Truck from Knapheide is constructed of rugged steel along with a reinforced, innovative crane compartment and understructure. If your job demands severe duty lifting applications, whether they be on a single or tandem axle chassis, choose Knapheide's KMT3 Mechanics Truck to do the heavy lifting.

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