Low-Profile 300W







Mount Up & Get Going!

The Western Low-Pro 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader delivers the ultimate in “plug-and-play” convenience.  Easy to mount on many vehicles without drilling or wiring, the Low-Pro 300W tailgate spreader comes with a standard 2” receiver hitch and 7-pin plug, and a completely wireless key fob control!  Available with mounts to fit pick-up trucks, SUVs, utility vehicles and tractors. 

300W_Wireless_Control 300W_Corrosion-Resistant_Hopper 300W_Spinner
Wireless Control Spreader Capacity Spinner
One-touch, on/off operation offers two spinner speeds to match the spread pattern to the job. Holds up to 3 cubic feet of rock salt or ice melt. A 10”, corrosion-free, nylon and glass reinforced resin spinner ensures long life and optimal delivery of bagged salt or ice melt. 
300W_Electric_Motor 300W_Material_Delivery 300W_Mounting_Options
12V Electric Motor Material Delivery Vehicle Mounts
Fully-enclosed 12-volt DC motor and maximum torque transmission. Delivered by a powder-coated, vertical steel auger to provide long-lasting, reliable performance. Comes standard with a 2” receiver mount.  Other mount upgrades include a drop utility, 3-point, trailer and utility mount. 

75925_Weather_Cover Western_P_A,_Color
Weather Cover
Supplemental 7-Pin Harness
Keeps material dry and flowing freely, while offering a clear view inside the hopper.   For use only if 7-pin trailer hookup is unavailable.