Striker Hopper Spreader








Minimize waste and maximize profits with the new Western Striker stainless steel hopper spreader.  Optimize material distribution with the innovative chute design and protect nearby surroundings with the unique circular shutter deflector.  Ultra-durable and loaded with the latest in snow and ice control technology, the Striker hopper spreader raises the bar for commercial de-icing performance. 



Six size options with standard features:

7' Hopper 1.5 Cubic Yard Capacity
8' Hopper 2.0 Cubic Yard Capacity
9' Hopper 3.0 Cubic Yard Capacity
9' Hopper 4.5 Cubic Yard Capacity
10' Hopper 4.5 Cubic Yard Capacity
10' Hopper 6.0 Cubic Yard Capacity


All Electric Striker models come standard with a top screen kit, inverted vee and ratchet straps, two rear dump buttons* and rear work light button.*

Dual Electric Motors Variable Speed Control* Innovative Chute Design
Image Image Image
Two electric motors provide quiet, reliable and independent control of the conveyor and spinner mechanisms.  

Gas and hydraulic options also available.
Precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions. 

Four accessory buttons, a blast button, LEDs, and digital self-diagnostics. 
Reduce material waste with this innovative chute design that delivers material to the areas of the spinner that cast it out and away from the truck, instead of back onto your bumper. 
Circular Shutter Deflector Accessory Hub* Adjustable Drop Chute
Image Image Image
Maximize material control and protect surroundings with the easy-to-adjust shutter deflector.  Conveniently connect accessories without having to run additional wires to the front of the truck. Ensures optimum spreading height for pickup, dump, and flatbed.  Standard on 9’ & 10’.
Extension required 7’ & 8’.
Dual Swing Chute Design Conveyor  
Image Image  
Open the chute from either side.  Easy access for maintenance or material unloading.  Two dump buttons* run the conveyor for easy clean-out.  Super-wide, corrosion-resistant 16-1/2” stainless steel conveyor moves more material consistently for bridging reduction.  
*Features only available on electric models.  

License_Plate_Kit Work_Light_kit Additional_Work_Light_Kit
License Plate Kit
Work Light Kit
Secondary Work Light
Illuminates alternate licence plate location. For better visibility at rear of spreader at night.  
Vibrator_Kit Tie-Down_Chain_Kit 6-Inch_Side_Extensions
Chain Kits
6" Side
Helps move stubborn material.  
*Only compatible with one 50 gal or one 100 gal pre-wet tank kit.
For superior in-bed stability and security.

Increase the carrying capacity.  (Wood not included.)

Dielectric_Grease Strobe_Light_Kit Master_Accessory_Harness
Dielectric Grease
Strobe Light Kit
Master Accessory Harness
(99629) Gas models
(99627) Hydraulic models
Prevent corrosion.    
  Pre-Wet System
(76400) On/Off Pump Kit
(76410) Full-Feature Pump Kit
(76425) Pre-Wet 50g Tank Kit (2@25g)
(76450) Pre-Wet 100g Tank Kit (2@50g)
  *Additional tank kits are not compatible with a vibrator.