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Need a versatile Platform Body that can haul just about anything? Knapheide's Value-Master X Platform Body features solid steel construction and is available in many different lengths and widths to fit a variety of chassis applications. Choose wood, steel or treadplate flooring and pick from numerous side accessories including stake sides, solid sides or refuse sides to customize for your hauling job. Pair this flatbed up with a hoist to add dumping functionality. Regardless of your needs, the Value-Master X Platform Body from Knapheide has you covered.

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Value-Master X Platform Bodies Specifications (Single Rear Wheel,80 Series PVMX)

Value-Master X Platform Bodies Specifications (Dual Rear Wheel, 96 Series PVMX)

Value-Master X Platform Bodies Specifications (Dual Rear Wheel , 102 Series PVMX)

Ford Transit Value-Master X Platform Bodies Specifications

Ram Promaster Value-Master X Platform Bodies Specification

Mercedes Sprinter Value-Master X Platform Bodies Specifications




Knapheide's Heavy-Hauler Junior Platform Body is equipped with external rub rails, integrated tie down points and stake pockets, along with a heavy-duty bulkhead and robust flooring options. Add steel stake sides to a Heavy-Hauler Junior Platform Body to transition into a dedicated Stake Body, or choose a hoist for dumping applications. The Heavy-Hauler Junior Platform Body is designed to be multi-faceted in order to suit a wide variety of vocations. The Heavy-Hauler Junior offers all the features you need to tackle tough jobs without breaking your budget.

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Heavy-Hauler Junior Platform Bodies Specifications (Dual Rear Wheel, 94 Series PHHJ)




Need a Platform Body you can depend on? Knapheide's Cargo-Hauler has provided decades of reliable hauling ability. A structural steel understructure and durable floor construction ensures the Cargo-Hauler will hold up to the job for decades. Models up to 26' in length along with a wide selection of options and accessories allow you to customize the Cargo-Hauler to fit your specific job needs. Invest in confidence with the Knapheide Cargo-Hauler Platform Body for your next job.

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Cargo-Hauler Platform Bodies Specifications (Dual Rear Wheel, 96 Series)



Have a massive load that requires a tough Platform Body to handle the job? Look no further. Knapheide's Heavy-Hauler Platform Body is the most severe duty flatbed available and is built to work. Beefy, structural steel cross sills and long sills ensure it can withstand your heaviest of hauls. Heavy-duty bulkheads and external rub rails ensure your cargo stays where it's supposed to be, keeping the operator and roadways safe. Whether it is lumber, bricks, steel, equipment, or whatever you need to transport, count on Knapheide's Heavy-Hauler to move it.

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Heavy-Hauler Platform Bodies Specifications (Dual Rear Wheel, 94 Series)



The Westerner Platform Body is one of Knapheide's most economical yet reliable flatbed models. Standard flatbed models are available for both single and dual rear wheel chassis, in body lengths from 8'-14'. Reinforced internal stake pockets accept numerous side accessories for further customization. Complete immersion of the Westerner Flatbed in Knapheide's E-Coat prime paint system along with undercoating provides years of a durable finish. If you're in the market for a reliable flatbed, look into Knapheide's Westerner Flatbed.

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Westerner Flatbeds Specifications (Single Rear Wheel, 80 Series)

Westerner Flatbed Specifications (Dual Rear Wheel, 94 Series)



Knapheide has taken their most popular flatbed, the Value-Master X, and packaged it up with options and accessories that contractors commonly desire to make their job easier. Above and underbody Roughneck Toolboxes provide the contractor with easily accessible and secure tool storage. An overhead material rack accommodates for convenient storage for up to 1,500 pounds of longer materials. Side and rear stakes close off the cargo area so oversized equipment or materials won't fall out during transport. Select the Knapheide Contractor Body to get the most out of your work day.  



Combine a 1,500 lb. overcab material rack, drop down tailgate, removable solid sides, above and under body toolboxes with a Value-Master X Platform Body and you get the ideal vocational package for a concrete contractor. We know concrete work is a physically demanding job so we designed a truck body that is tough enough to handle your job, day in and day out. A reinforced overcab material rack can accommodate wheelbarrow storage while the drop down tailgate enables you to get close enough to the load space to easily retrieve items. A 1/8" thick, treadplate floor construction ensures the Concrete Body can hold up to the heavy loads within a concrete environment. If your job requires a strong truck and durable truck body, depend on Knapheide's Concrete Body.        

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Concrete Bodies, Ram

Concrete Bodies, GM

Concrete Bodies, Ford




Knapheide's Landscaper Body isn't your normal Landscaper Body. It includes optimized standard features to take your landscaping or lawn care operation to a new level. Need the ability to transfer, dump and distribute bulk materials like mulch, dirt, rock and more? The integrated dump hoist provides effortless operation while an optional metering gate enables the landscaper to easily control filling wheelbarrows. Load and haul palletized materials? A 50" side access swing out door accommodates for quick forklift loading. Add additional functionality with an optional storage pack or underbody toolbox. If you want to upgrade your landscaping vehicle, check out the Knapheide Landscaper Body.

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Landscaper Bodies Specifications

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